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Founded in 2016, Chase Gang Entertainment is a full-service entertainment company, inclusive of artist, songwriter, producer and engineer management; music publishing; touring & merchandising; new business ventures and music. It is the home to a diverse roster of Up and coming Independent recording artists, writers and producers including Chucky The Boss, Rad HD, Porter Jinkins, JayRock WitDaMaskON & Stophe.

Rad HD: New Release OTW!

Finally, the highly anticipated debut release from Rad HD “Confession’s Of A Casanova” will grace streaming services around the world! For the last 2 years, @Rad_HD  has featured on many songs with multiple artists. Since the release of his first single “Love No Love” Rad HD has been grinding non-stop! Ranging from Hip-Hop to R&b, From Reggae to Latin music his musical range has no bound.

Following the success of “The Chase Gang Compilation Tape and Love No Love” (2016-2017), Rad Hd Joined Alicia Cinnamon on a Canadian tour “Vacation Lovers Tour” in 2018. During the summer of 2018, Chase Gang Entertainment released their second project “The Compilation Tape 2” where the second single “Self Worth” from (C.O.A.C) was debuted.  

“Confession’s Of A Casanova” by Rad HD is expected to release 10/31/18.

Stream “Love No Love” Here: Spotify

Stream “Self Worth” Here: Itunes 

Different Cloth

The newest release from @Porter_Jinkins Ft Glo DA Artist is now available worldwide on all streaming services!

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Breaking Point

The debut project from Chase Gang Entertainments, Porter Jinkins “Breaking Point”. A detailed audio description of the everyday life of a hood star, going thru the ups and downs of the streets!

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